Motorola MH230R Two-Way Radio Review

Motorola MH230R Two-Way Radio

A Motorola handheld radio is one of the best investments you can make. They are high quality, long lasting and super durable. This motrola waterproof walkie talkie boasts a lot of impressive features that make it more than worth the price.

Features & Benefits

Motorola is one of the best names in the market because they make super dependable and durable walkie-talkies that are still affordable enough for most budgets. Check out the key specs below:


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  • 10 hour life on alkaline batteries
  • 8 hour life on rechargeable batteries
  • ​22 channels available
  • ​11 weather channels (7 of them NOAA)
  • Alert features
  • 121 privacy codes
  • ​Package includes 2 radios, 2 belt clips, 1 charging adaptor, 1 dual drop in charger, and 2 rechargeable battery packs
  • Up to 23 mile range
  • Lightweight and compact
  • ​iVOX hands free communication
  • ​Quiet talk filter
  • ​10 call tones
  • ​Power saving mode
  • Water resistant (for light rain and splashing)

These impressive little two way radios have two power options. You can go with regular alkaline batteries which will give you 10 hours of life or you can use the rechargeable batteries which will give you 8 hours of life. Our advice: start on the rechargeable batteries and have a set of alkaline as backup in case you need more than 8 hours of talking time.

The package is complete with the charging adaptor, a dual drop in charger to charge both at the same time, the belt clips, and the rechargeable battery packs. So you have everything you need to start using them as soon as you pull them out of the box.

Motorola MH230R Two-Way Radio

They have a powerful antenna that provides for an impressive communication range. Although it is unlikely you will ever get the full 23 miles that it can extend to since that would require 23 miles of completely obstruction free space (no trees, building, or hills). In cities or in the woods, expect something more in the range of 3 or 4 miles. This is already impressive, though, since a lot of lower end walkie talkies will only give you 1 to 2 miles realistically.

Potential Drawbacks To Consider

The only real potential drawback here is that it is just a pack of two so if you’re looking for something to supply a large team or to provide each family member with one, the cost will start to add up as you buy multiple two packs. You might be better off going with cheaper bulk packs even though they aren’t going to give you the same level of quality as these do.

What Others Say

One of the best ways to really get a sense of how a product will perform or what kind of benefits it might provide for you is to see how satisfied (or unsatisfied) other people were with it. Check out these real testimonials to see what others have to say about it:

“I was amazed at how good these radios did in the mountains. At one point I was over three miles away from my father on the other side of a mountain and we could still talk clearly. Now I know 3 miles in not as far as the 23 miles range that is claimed these radios can reach, but if you know anything about how these radios transmit, then you know that for it to transmit clearly through 3 miles of solid mountain is close to a miracle.

I have a pair of Midland G-300 Two Way Radios that claim a 10 mile range that cannot even reach 1/2 a mile through forest on straight level ground. I was also impressed with the battery life. Even after a long day of heavy use these units had plenty of power left. One was left on overnight after being used all day and it still had power the next day.”

This is truly impressive. Most two way radios become completely useless with an obstruction as large as a mountain. But these ones will still serve you well.

“I bought these for my son's 4th birthday. I read the Amazon reviews before making a purchase and boy does that help. For the money, I highly recommend these 2-way radios. We have been using them for about 3 weeks now and the battery has never run out at the end of each day. We just put them on the charger at night and the next day, they are good to go. Our relatives live next door, and they have a 2-way so we are able to talk back and forth. It's been so nice for the kids and the adults!”

Motorola MH230R

As this testimonial shows, these are great not just for professional or outdoor purposes, they are also fun and convenient to have for everyday use and playtime with children.

As helpful as testimonials can be in helping you understand the real value a product can add, you do have to keep in mind that different people do have different needs and priorities.

So while these testimonials you have read can be helpful, you might also want to look for more testimonials and reviews from customers who have very similar needs and priorities as you do. Doing this will give you the most accurate idea of how well a product will match your specific needs.

Buying Advice

While there is always some risk in ordering online, when you go with a reputable site like amazon, you can be sure you are getting what you ordered. And by ordering online, you have time to try out the product at home and send it back if it’s not performing as expected.

Final Word

These are definitely some of the best two way radios you can find. They are very well built and will last you for years. They are well suited to just about any purpose you would want to use them for. So we highly recommend them for pretty much anyone looking for a good set of two way radios.

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