Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio Review

Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio

Midland is a strong name in the market for outdoor two way radios. They make some solid devices that are super practical and very reliable. So when it comes to two way radios, Midland is definitely going to be a name at the top of your list as you are searching for the perfect product for you.

Features & Benefits

For those looking for an affordable two way talk radio that is still a powerful workforce, these radios from Midland are some of the best on the market right now. Check out the key specs below:


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  • 50 channels available
  • Up to a 36 mile range
  • ​NOAA
  • ​All hazard weather channels
  • Alerts and weather scan
  • Quality mics can pick up whispering as well
  • Direct call feature to talk to specific people without the rest of the group hearing
  • 142 privacy codes
  • Vibrate alert feature
  • ​9 levels of VOX for hands free operation
  • ​SOS siren
  • Water resistant (against light rain and splashing)
  • Dual watch for monitoring two channels at once
  • Power saving modes

This Midland GMRS radio is the perfect two way radio for camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities. With the SOS siren and the durable water resistant casing, this is a walkie talkie that you can depend on.

The ability to use power saving modes is also a great feature for outdoor uses since you may need to be able to extend the hours of life as much as possible. The whisper functionality and direct call feature also make these a great choice for communicating discreetly between teams.

One of the main downsides of a lot of two way radios is that they aren’t very discreet. Not only are the call alerts super loud but when you speak into it, it just broadcasts it to all radios on the same channel. So this direct call feature allows you to broadcast only to the radio that you want to hear what you are saying.

Midland Radios

And the high powered microphones can pick up whispering as well which means you can speak quietly and ensure that only the person who you are calling hears you.

Potential Drawbacks To Consider

The range is a bit exaggerated. You have to consider that this is the potential range of the radios. In most environments, you’ve got a lot of objects and obstructions standing in the way (walls, buildings, trees, and so on) which will not block the signal but will significantly shorten it.

Unless there is absolutely nothing between you and the other person, you probably won’t get a full 36 mile range. For most situations, plan for something on the order of a couple miles range—which is usually more than enough for what you need a radio for anyway.

And no radio, no matter what it advertises is going to be able to send a signal through 36 miles of walls and other obstructions so this drawback does not reflect the quality of this particular product. It has more to do with customers misinterpreting the claims of the advertisement and setting their expectations too high.

What Others Say

One of the best ways to really get a sense of how a product will perform or what kind of benefits it might provide for you is to see how satisfied (or unsatisfied) other people were with it. Check out this real testimonial to see what others have to say about it:

“I owned a pair from the leading competitor to midland and even at the same rating for range, could not receive or transmit through heavy urban obstruction from inside a vehicle for more than a mile.

This Model was able to do both at 3 miles with the added problem of multiple Ham radio transmitters in line with my signal. In open country, the signal carried for a measured 12 miles, and that, because the radios were not farther apart. How can you go wrong when considering all the features and the performance?”

Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way

This is one of the few two way radios that can actually come close to its advertised range. It’s still unlikely that you’ll see the full 36 miles but even 12 miles is extremely impressive and almost certainly more than enough to serve your purposes.

As helpful as testimonials can be in helping you understand the real value a product can add, you do have to keep in mind that different people do have different needs and priorities.

So while these testimonials you have read can be helpful, you might also want to look for more testimonials and reviews from customers who have very similar needs and priorities as you do. Doing this will give you the most accurate idea of how well a product will match your specific needs.

Buying Advice

While there is always some risk in ordering online, when you go with a reputable site like amazon, you can be sure you are getting what you ordered. And by ordering online, you have time to try out the product at home and send it back if it’s not performing as expected.

Final Word

Overall, these are a strong set of two way radios that will be with you for years if you treat them right. They have so many extra features that help to separate them from the pack and they are still great as a basic set of two way radios as well.

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